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Translation: Mirage of Blaze - Book 10 (The Sea God of Yang Kwei-fei, first part) - Chapter 3 (3/3)
Title: Wadatsumi no Youkihi (The Sea God of Yang Kwei-fei), first part
Series: Mirage of Blaze
Author: Kuwabara Mizuna
Chapter: Three
Part: 3/3

Previous parts: Prologue
Chapter 1: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Chapter 2: 1 | 2 | 3
Chapter 3: 1 | 2

In the newspaper the next day, there was another bizarre ship incident.

It was in Hiroshima again - this time in Aida’s hometown of Kure. It was astounding - all the employees and guests from a cruise ferry had apparently disappeared.

The press was widely covering this event. The ferry reported that it was heading to Etajima from from Hiroshima. It was enveloped in fog, and after communication with it was lost, all thirty persons aboard had disappeared. The boat was left was completely empty, floating on the sea. There were no clues about the vanished people. The series of boat accidents was beginning to cause more and more alarm.

In the hotel in which they were staying, Naoe and Ayako watched the news with dismay. This was too unusual; it was certainly more than just a marine disappearance.

“There’s definitely something here, Naoe. We can’t just leave it alone.”

“Hiroshima...?” Sitting on the sofa, Naoe rested his chin in his hand and appeared deep in thought. “It seems to be another incident off the coast of Hiroshima.”

“Are we going to go investigate?”

“Yes. Go see if you can talk to the remaining survivors here; if they are seriously injured you may not be able to ask... but try to investigate. I’ll go back to Hiroshima. Haruie, you’ll need to continue asking about the battleship in the fog. If it’s a hallucination, or if it’s a lost soul, or a number of Tsukumogami1. As soon as your investigation is finished in Osaka Bay, come meet me.”

“Got it.”

They quickly began preparing for their departure. On the way to the garage as they were leaving the hotel, Ayako spoke:

“I need to report to Kagetora. I’m sure he’s running around Gifu, but hopefully he can back us up...”

“We don’t need backup.”


“We’ll complete this investigation ourselves. Don’t call for backup.”

“You don’t want to accept Kagetora’s instructions, do you?”

“We don’t need instructions.” Naoe continued walking without looking back. He’d spoken smoothly and without expression and Ayako didn’t really understand his intentions.

“Instead, find the Nokizaru2 at Hiroshima. They’ll be useful.”

“Will you be all right on your own?” Ayako asked with a grim expression. “You’re dangerous lately. Is your power stable? Will you be okay?”

“Don’t be stupid,” Naoe said coldly, and got into the Windom. “I don’t expect my power to fade. If you have time to worry about that sort of thing, hurry up and finish your investigation and come to Hiroshima.”

Naoe left those words hanging there, and the Windom slipped away in front of Ayako’s dissatisfied gaze.


2 <-- there isn't an English page for Nokizaru, but you can use Google Translate and get a... sort of idea? They are basically Uesugi's rooftop-jumping ninjas. (The name is like "roof monkey" so now I will forever picture them as the Ezios of the Sengoku period.)

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Thanks for translating this chapter!

thank you very much!:)

hontony arigato gozimas XD

:D a biiiiiiiig thank you for this awesome work you are sharing with us ^_^

Re: hontony arigato gozimas XD

Thank you for reading!! :D

Thanks for the translation <3
baka Naoe >_< of course in your current state you will need a backup. Unfortunately, he's too proud to ask Kagetora. But then, they're not exactly on the best terms after what happened in the last volume so I don't blame him though...

Edited at 2013-03-12 09:47 pm (UTC)

I just want to shake them both and tell them to stop fighting it!

Thanks for reading! :)

OMG there are people still translating the novels.Thank you so much!But any chance of translating volumes 7,8,9?

Not at this time - the anime and OVA cover those fairly well, so it didn't seem to be as urgent. My current plan is to just translate as I'm reading through them, but when I've finished off vol 40 (and am hopefully much faster than I am now!) I may go back and translate the first nine just for kicks. Sorry!

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